May 2008

Some dreams come true

not a button... I don’t think it’s a terrible overuse of pop culture to butcher a Pulp Fiction reference to serve my own ends. I think we can easily say, with emphasis, “now that’s some tasty looking bacon.”

I’m so pleased with this stitch out I received from the embroiderer, I can’t even describe it. All the samples I did on my own couldn’t touch this quality. I’m due to have the bacon shirts in two days. Two days. This combined with the arrival of the byzoek shirts, and the test buttons, I’m about to pee myself. I think we could call this a culmination point. A great conjunction? When you hold the bacon in your hand, you’ll have a glimmer what I’m talking about. It’s powerful. And then you remember it glows in the dark.

It is great. I’m really happy. How’s your telepathy? If it’s up to par, you can see this is true. But then you already knew that. Did you already know that the items I have planned, the stuff that is coming is even better? I thought that. Can I say that? I want to. I dare to. Good stuff, good people, good shirts.

If your telepathy is on the fritz, I will let you in on one little bit that’s mine. I’m planning a sequel to the bacon. It may not have the sheer power of embroidered bacon, but it signals the development of an entire series of embroidered breakfast related shirts, next installment maybe in July. It may not be pushing the boundaries of shirt the way I originally intended, or as far as I’d like…but have you seen what’s out there? And I’ve got some time in between, and some time afterward. Time and room to push. You’ll see what I’m talking about shortly.

I’m so happy.


I’ve received the sample stitchout of the bacon embroidery (last Friday, looks incredible), the button color tests (yesterday, needs tweaking), and the byzoek shirts (today, I believe “kawaii” would not be inappropriate for the ladies shirts).

Lots happening, lots to share, and I will have pictures of it all tonight!

Dave Arrival

aut vincere!

The Dave shirts arrived in my hand and went out earlier this week. Look about.

Button set has one week left on it! And then maybe in the store? Possibly. Or I might give them away with future orders. I could send them out promotion-ally. I could sit on the box of them at my computer, or put my feet up on the box as I lean back and have further shirt musings?

I’m excited about the buttons, but I’m ready to get cooking on shirts again. The next shirt design will probably not be the batik that I had long planned, it’s taking longer than expected to finish. It may be another embroidery. It might be pure magic.

More soon, I promise.

Thanks again, everyone who has ever ordered, I well up with appreciation when I think about you, and hello new folk. Take a look around, if you will. Buttons?

I get credibility with a little help from my friends

insert cookies here Last week I received a mention on fabulist, where I had found byzoek’s work previous to featuring her here. That was a height of what could be defined as delicious closure.

A really, really nice feeling.

Over the weekend I also arranged for the name of Tiny Run to be associated with a local post office box! I am now anonymous and credible? This seeming incongruous assumption baffles me, but I make it with blind confidence none the less.

Commence with the sending of tasty cookies:

Tiny Run
Director of Cookie Acquisitions
PO Box 898
Evanston IL 60204-0898