Dave Arrival

aut vincere!

The Dave shirts arrived in my hand and went out earlier this week. Look about.

Button set has one week left on it! And then maybe in the store? Possibly. Or I might give them away with future orders. I could send them out promotion-ally. I could sit on the box of them at my computer, or put my feet up on the box as I lean back and have further shirt musings?

I’m excited about the buttons, but I’m ready to get cooking on shirts again. The next shirt design will probably not be the batik that I had long planned, it’s taking longer than expected to finish. It may be another embroidery. It might be pure magic.

More soon, I promise.

Thanks again, everyone who has ever ordered, I well up with appreciation when I think about you, and hello new folk. Take a look around, if you will. Buttons?