A Different Art Store

so many colors, so little timeI have several artist friends, and I’ve been art supply shopping with them before. We all get pretty excited when walking the isles of an art supply store. I think it sets our mind ablaze with the sheer amount of potential before us.

All the things I ever toyed with in my mind presented in front of me made my blood boil with possibilities. It’s fun both to browse or to culminate the experience by completing a monetary transaction that just feels like gravy.

For me, though, this extends beyond the art store. I know others who like me browse alleys and items dumped for possible materials. When driving around with my wife, whenever I see a pile of ‘garbage’ at a curb, I always say, “ooo, treasure.” I don’t see her reaction, but I’m pretty sure she cringes.

But there’s another place for me, too. When I go to the local American Apparel retail store, just a few blocks from my home, I look about in the same way as I do in the art store. I’m seeing raw canvas everywhere, checking colors, sizes, feeling textures and testing stretch, looking around and seeing if there is anything I missed. I don’t think it’s possible for my to just ‘shop’ for clothes anymore. I don’t think this is necessarily bad, but I sometimes wonder what I’ve gotten myself into.