May 2008

I see what you didn’t do there

popped off the ends like daffodils...Hm. It seems that contracting things to be done by outside parties is not as wonderful a process as I would have hoped.

The byzoek shirts were mis-printed, with a real forehead-slap error. Nice, right? Well, it’s going to eat up some time to get these back, refunded, and then ordered again. I almost felt like I was getting caught up when the bacon shirts went out this week.

Back to the grind again. Silly vendors.

No matter how you cut it

piles of strips

That’s alot of bacon.

The bacon shirts finally went out today, both the domestic and international. They are B-E-A-uuuuuuutiful. I’m really pleased. I hope those brave and patient people who ordered them find them to be as glorious. About ten of these were extras I ordered, just because. They’ll be up in the store, when the store is up. I’m hoping in the next week or so. Join the email list for updates and first access.

What I like most is when I came home yesterday wearing mine, and when I closed the front door behind me, before I flipped on the light, the fat was glowing there, on my chest.


There’s something about fruition, and seeing an idea like this through that can be so satisfying.

feelings are like tapeworms

feelings are like tapewormsfeeeeeeeeeeelings....custom stitch work!

“feelings are like tapeworms”
Michael Cianfrani
interpreting a quote by Lisa Slodki
design run of
05/27/2008 through 06/07/2008

This shirt consists of a patterned fabric which has been embroidered with the phrase ‘feelings are like tapeworms’ which has then been stitched to the chest of the shirt. This method of adornment is something I’ve tinkered with previously, but I think this is a new pinnacle. I love the fabric, thread color. It takes a bit of time and work to assemble, but I find the final result to be steeped in a sense of a little bit of “classy.”

I hope you like it. When I asked Lisa if I could quote her she said, “that’s awesome! i love it! i said it and i still agree with it. i’d stand by the statement and would even wear it on a shirt.”

[EDIT 6/04/2008] UPDATE! Here are some additional shots of the shirt. Actually being worn! Out in the sun, even. I thought it might be helpful to visualize, give a more accurate idea of what this one looks like…

feelings are like tapeworms outside model shotfeelings are like tapeworms outside model shotfeelings are like tapeworms outside model shot

feelings are like tapeworms outside model shotfeelings are like tapeworms outside model shot


Seriously, I’m working on it. Gimmie a second….

[EDIT MONDAY 10:30 PM] Ok, I needed more than a second. The shirt is done, need to take pictures and write button code, fix shipping and go do work in the morning. Everything should be done tomorrow afternoon? To those who are waiting, your patience is appreciated…

(BACON shirts will be shipped on Wednesday!)