One Man Shirt Army

everything is going to be fine batik run The ‘everything is going to be fine’ shirts are out and on their way to those who purchased. I am really pleased with how they look, I hope those few souls who braved the purchase love them just as much, if not more.

I’m in talks now with official embroiderers about the infamous bacon. Since I received a reasonable amount of orders I think I might be able to have the run produced by those with really expensive equipment, and therefor up the quality of the final shirt by many folds. The quotes I’m receiving are pretty steep, basically reducing any margin to zero. And they can’t do glow-in-the-dark threads or have never used them? Really? How am I on the cutting edge of threads?

Dave’s aut vincere are running late, seeming to be arriving in my hands next week. I will have a surplus of those due to the minimum order requirements, so I will have to resolve whether or not I want to have a static storefront somewhere here on the site. Hm.

Due to an error on my part, I may be putting in another order of Hilesh’s true star shirt. I’m perplexed if this violated my own rules. It was my error. It’s still a tiny run. Right? The extras to make the minimum of that order would go in the static storefront as well. Hm. Hm.

A storefront is something I considered when this began, as there is never a guarantee that the amount of shirts ordered will be enough for the minimum and there could be ‘extras’…but it would be per item basis. Such as there is one medium of this and two larges and one small of that, and that’s it.

Also, there is a new batik cooking to debut next Friday. It’s a design that I’ve had in my head for the past three years. The possibility of fruition is sending me to new heights. I’ll try not to fall; as usual, it’s a hang-on situation.