untitled (bye)

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“untitled (bye)”

design run of
04/26/08 through 5/9/08

byzoek’s work is full of subtlety and nuance, and was not an easy reproduction on a shirt. Since she often works on a paper with a yellow shade, but most yellow shirts are blazing bright, we decided to go with a more natural shade of cotton with the color of the paper stripped out.

This same subtlety of byzoek’s work also doesn’t translate into screen printing very well, so we decided to debut a Direct To Garment print. I was initially a little apprehensive about the probable quality of this process which I’d never seen before. I ordered a test shirt, and I say I’m fairly impressed. The process has its own limitations, but seems to provide an excellent quality of reproduction within those limitations.

Also, please go take a look at byzoek’s catalog of work on her site ‘girls are crying‘. I think you’ll fall in love. “they are weak. they are strong. they are beautiful.” Indeed.