Faster Slower Faster

pile of arms and hands(We see here pictured some of the ‘everything is going to be fine’ orders in progress. The picture is current but they’ve already left this stage and and approaching being finished tonight. They will ship before the week ends come what may.)

Two months and a matter of days. That’s it. Happy two-month anniversary, Tiny Run …feels like it’s been months and months, not month and month.

I think one of the factors that colors my perception of it is that I’m trying to plan designs weeks and months in advance, and produce the previous closed designs at the same time.

It’s like time travel without the paradox. At least not yet. I’ll get working on that, too.

Many new ideas for the months to come, new approaches to the same cottony surface. In two months flat my ideas of what is acceptable and what isn’t have shifted dramatically. I really want things to be different, unknown, unforeseen. And I mean so different I want it to scare you. I want it to be crazy.

I’d say it’s coming along, and me with it…

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