BACON as you like it

[update 2/13/2009] NOTE: Only a few days left on the SECOND SERVING of this fine bacon design. Get on it.

[update 1/19/2009] NOTE: The final bacon design is alot tighter and a serious level of quality, as embroidered by professionals. PHOTOS TO COME! Follow me on twitter for possible re-release opportunity!

embroidered bacon, yepyep, the fat glows in the dark
four strips of bacon, which is your favorite? “BACON as you like it”
(embroidered with glow in the dark fat)
Michael Cianfrani
design run of
04/12/08 through 4/25/08

“BACON as you like it” is a direct embroidery on the shirt, with glow in the dark fat. It’s not a patch, iron on, or an appliqué, but is embroidered right there, in its bacon glory. Special covering will protect the inside stitches, and also provide protection if your skin is sensitive. The photographs above represent different lighting conditions of the same embroidery, so that you might see the depth of brilliance. Photographs do it no justice, it truely is a thing of beauty. Final design will appear higher on the chest of the shirt than the photograph, see the color mockups.

Shirt color options were to imply level of bacon ‘doneness’.