hilesh's flock of true star designs

I got the tiny run of Hilesh Patel’s ‘true star’ shirts via UPS today. Oh, yes. They ship tomorrow!

Looking at them makes me swell with a bit of pride (so many!) while at the same time makes me miss production a little. After hours of setup, work and cleanup, to be left with every surface you see covered with freshly printed shirts…it’s just a thing of beauty. But really, I’m excited about this since it’s the final step of the first design run that I started (what feels like ages ago) in February. Some people have been waiting a long, long time for their threads. I hope they love it as much as I do.

And while I’m excited to get mine on and pack everyone else’s, I can’t help thinking, “next! Next!”

I don’t want to get off the roller coaster and stand in line again, I just want to ride and ride and ride and ride.