March 2008

Locating the gif Gifted

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Good gravy, now it looks like my gif is broken?  The hell?


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Thank you bridg. I appreciate your submission, which as of now, is the only one in the running on the contest page…


I did another animated gif yesterday featuring the new design, and man, it just seems…lacking. Sometimes it seems like they can sing a little, for gifs anyway, and sometimes they can be pretty flat. The 117X30 size doesn’t give much room for interpretation, but I’m liking the Project Wonderful system and the button size is a pretty common ad.

meh.  it's a gif.

The gif doesn’t repeat, so if you want to see it in action, you’ll have to refresh your page and look fast. That alone makes me want to redo it. Hopefully I will have a moment during lunch today to do so. It makes it even more challenging that the art is pretty detailed.

Otherwise, there is another animated gif contest rolling! YOU TOO can create an animated gif, and you can win a shirt of this fab batik design. Doesn’t that sound nice?

everything’s going to be fine

EDIT 9/15/2018

Previously this page contained images of a shirt design with a symbol that is now used to advance racism and hatred. When this shirt was made in 2008 I only knew it as sign for ‘ok,’ and that is no longer the case.

I have removed the images of this design and apologize to anyone who might see them and take offense. Please know that when it was made that was not the meaning of the design.

“everything’s going to be fine”
Michael Cianfrani
(see comments for more info)
design run of
03/16/2008 through 03/28/2008

Switcho Chango

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After breaking and fixing the site a few times, I’ve decided it’s MillerTime. The related archive pages mentioned below will be added tomorrow, as well as sending out debut emails to the mailing list. Sleep well, all.

[edit 10:28 PM]
Ah, if you wanted to order the first design, you are too late. The new design is up, and I’m going to be getting a new contest page ready, as well as archive pages for retired shirt designs and animated gifs.

In a few short hours (actually, about six of them) the first design of Tiny Run will be retired and I’ll send the first order to the printer. That means that the second design is also going to finally appear. I’m readying the images and the paypal button code right this second and I can’t help but be excited.

I’ll set the next design to appear tonight, probably between ten and eleven.

If you want one of the very first design, “true star” by Hilesh Patel, please don’t hesitate. If you don’t get paid till next week, email me, we can work it out. You shall not be denied your awesome shirtness.

(Looking forward to) Hindsight

I’ve been contacting artists that I respect, admire, enjoy the work of, or have just had long standing art-crushes on in order to fill out the coming months with many an exciting edition of shirts.  The response has been moderate, but some of the all-time favorites, those that I most looked forward to working with have not contacted me back.

I’m not hurt.  I understand.

For people coming through for the first time: yes, the content here is sparse. Yes, there is little history here that proves that I have the ambition that I purport to have (for ‘ambition’ you could also substitute ‘balls’ or ‘VISA card’).  Yes, there is only one design by which to judge my intent.  Yes, the concept is a little weird (tiny runs of shirts?), and yes, in accordance with all known physical laws, they are still in fact shirts.

I know that there would appear to be caveats galore for the internet-savvy naysayer.  But to that I say from experience there is much to be gained from daring fate and trusting a stranger.

In a few months, there will be a growing catalog of previous designs, a few other little features and details I have thought of, and everything will seem to the these artists, perhaps, a little more solid.  With the ability to hindsight over Tiny Run’s track record, there may be a calming, a release of anxiety, which will allow the depth and breadth of styles of those participating  artists to approach the infinite.

And to those whom I am already in discussion with to collaborate on a design, I humbly thank you and your courage, and will not betray your trust.   We are going to rock.

I am so looking forward to this.