I talked to Priscilla today

And it was lovely. I have a hereditary weakness for southern accents and her’s was a delight added to my usual Wednesday morning. Priscilla is from Kopilot, located in Louisville hence the accent. I had chosen them to handle the screen printed designs for the immediate future, depending on the requirements of the design itself and the final result of the first design run. And so we talked about the order I placed of Hilesh’s true star design, and worked out some details.

She said also, that she hoped that I was happy with Kopilot, liked the quality of their product and would want to work with them again. And she sounded actually enthused about it. I adore talking to people who like their job. I quickly and just as enthusiastically said, “I hope I like it too!”

We’ll see what happens in about twelve days when they arrive at my door. I am so looking forward to it.