Locating the gif Gifted

[edit 3/21 11:46AM]

Good gravy, now it looks like my gif is broken?  The hell?


[edit 3/18 8:25PM]

Thank you bridg. I appreciate your submission, which as of now, is the only one in the running on the contest page…


I did another animated gif yesterday featuring the new design, and man, it just seems…lacking. Sometimes it seems like they can sing a little, for gifs anyway, and sometimes they can be pretty flat. The 117X30 size doesn’t give much room for interpretation, but I’m liking the Project Wonderful system and the button size is a pretty common ad.

meh.  it's a gif.

The gif doesn’t repeat, so if you want to see it in action, you’ll have to refresh your page and look fast. That alone makes me want to redo it. Hopefully I will have a moment during lunch today to do so. It makes it even more challenging that the art is pretty detailed.

Otherwise, there is another animated gif contest rolling! YOU TOO can create an animated gif, and you can win a shirt of this fab batik design. Doesn’t that sound nice?