Switcho Chango

[edit 10:35PM]
After breaking and fixing the site a few times, I’ve decided it’s MillerTime. The related archive pages mentioned below will be added tomorrow, as well as sending out debut emails to the mailing list. Sleep well, all.

[edit 10:28 PM]
Ah, if you wanted to order the first design, you are too late. The new design is up, and I’m going to be getting a new contest page ready, as well as archive pages for retired shirt designs and animated gifs.

In a few short hours (actually, about six of them) the first design of Tiny Run will be retired and I’ll send the first order to the printer. That means that the second design is also going to finally appear. I’m readying the images and the paypal button code right this second and I can’t help but be excited.

I’ll set the next design to appear tonight, probably between ten and eleven.

If you want one of the very first design, “true star” by Hilesh Patel, please don’t hesitate. If you don’t get paid till next week, email me, we can work it out. You shall not be denied your awesome shirtness.