(Looking forward to) Hindsight

I’ve been contacting artists that I respect, admire, enjoy the work of, or have just had long standing art-crushes on in order to fill out the coming months with many an exciting edition of shirts.  The response has been moderate, but some of the all-time favorites, those that I most looked forward to working with have not contacted me back.

I’m not hurt.  I understand.

For people coming through for the first time: yes, the content here is sparse. Yes, there is little history here that proves that I have the ambition that I purport to have (for ‘ambition’ you could also substitute ‘balls’ or ‘VISA card’).  Yes, there is only one design by which to judge my intent.  Yes, the concept is a little weird (tiny runs of shirts?), and yes, in accordance with all known physical laws, they are still in fact shirts.

I know that there would appear to be caveats galore for the internet-savvy naysayer.  But to that I say from experience there is much to be gained from daring fate and trusting a stranger.

In a few months, there will be a growing catalog of previous designs, a few other little features and details I have thought of, and everything will seem to the these artists, perhaps, a little more solid.  With the ability to hindsight over Tiny Run’s track record, there may be a calming, a release of anxiety, which will allow the depth and breadth of styles of those participating  artists to approach the infinite.

And to those whom I am already in discussion with to collaborate on a design, I humbly thank you and your courage, and will not betray your trust.   We are going to rock.

I am so looking forward to this.