How about a CONTEST?

[EDIT 2/23/3008: Added a separate contest page. Please go take a look, put together an entry, vote for your favorite]

I love contests. It gives me a chance to give things to people for free.

Advertising for Tiny Run started yesterday on a trial basis through Project Wonderful, which has a very interesting approach to online ads. It’s far to detailed for me to cover here, but worth taking a look at. If you have arrived through one of those buttons, welcome!

But I wonder…are my animated gif skills up to snuff? How about yours??

Tiny Run Animated Gif Contest!

Design an animated gif, height of 30px, width of 117 pix, using the current shirt design, or whatever you feel would be appropriate in order to convey the site to those eyes that will give a .03 second glance at your button. Must be below 100K. You must agree that I may use the gif, without limitations and without any further compensation.

Your gif will be displayed here on Tiny Run through the end of the current design’s run, where people will be able to vote on whose is the best. When the shirt design is retired votes will be tallied, and the winner will receive a free t-shirt of that design of their brand and size choice!

Voting is ongoing so the sooner your design is submitted, the sooner the voting on yours can begin, the more votes you can get. Submit your entries to michael ]at[ tinyrun ]dot[ com.

Sound good? All you have to do is beat my paltry offering:

I have a feeling you’re up to it.