Fuzzy Star

you should probably fuzz it up.

This is a synthetic fur star, satin stitched to a shirt. The star is a little irregular.

You may find that you are unconsciously petting your own chest while wearing it. You may find this very soothing.

It comes in lots of options. If you can’t find only one you like, buy as many as you need.


The fuzz is available with five fur options: brown (pictured at top), cheetah, purple, light brown and zebra.



Like sticking your hand in a box of sleeping kittens.



Soft, light purple color, easy on the eyes.



Silky, shiny, fuzzy.



You know what you're doing.

You must also select the shirt color, or I’ll just guess.


There are just about any under the sun but here are a few combinations that come to mind:


brown on slate (pictured at top), light brown on brown/brown ringer, zebra on black/white ringer, anything on black but especially cheetah, or maybe try some crazy, bright color because it will freak everyone out that you’re not wearing black, like zebra on red/white ringer or orange, cheetah on teal, or you can always go tone on tone with brown on brown, purple on dark eggplant purple, etc.


teal black orange asphalt slate eggplant brown-brown black-white red-white


Sizing is related to your body and how it likes to be covered, but the brand that will be used it American Apparel, and the default styles are mens/unisex and ladies cut tee shirts, their product numbers 2001 and 2102, respectively.  Ringer tees are unisex only, sorry ladies, but you could do a 3/4 sleeve raglan for some interesting color combinations because I know you like colors sometimes.


All shirts will be hand-guided, machine-stitched with soft stitch covering applied to the interior of the shirt to protect your skin.


Additionally, the fur can not be ironed without irreparable damage, and for optimum retention of the look and feel of the fur, you should never machine dry, only hang dry.


This shirt will come with a comb to assist in the care and upkeep. And it’s kindof fun to comb a shirt.



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